Dear Sonny,

Thanks very much for so many things.  My wife and I couldn’t be more grateful for the encouragement and positive reinforcement you and Shining Stars Basketball, Inc. have provided my son these last six months.  In your program he has blossomed as an independent young man with a clear moral purpose, strong work ethic, and a more fierce, and channeled mind set toward excellence.  Your influence has been palpable, and very positive.

My son’s decision to pursue the concept of playing college basketball was long considered, but now that he is committed to it, we are hopeful it will provide him opportunities he would never have been exposed to.  What most excites me as his father, is that in this effort he is showing the courage to explore new things, to take the harder, riskier path.  Only in this way can he reach his fullest potential.  Few have the courage to reach for more than their expectations.  But, all successful people make this reach a habit. I am encouraged that my son is on that path.  You helped build that.  I am grateful.
Best Wishes Coach Scarlett

-One very pleased Father 
Hi Coach Sonny – Shining Stars has been a tremendous benefit for our daughter. The coaches really care about her – both improving her basketball skills and helping her grow as a person. She has developed some great friendships with her teammates. Most important, her work with Shining Stars has helped her excel at the high school level. Thank you, Sonny!
-Dan Goldstein
Hi Coach Sonny – I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed today’s clinic, and how much I appreciated the scholarship to go learn. I had a GREAT time, and I am really excited to see how these tips will work for me! I learned a ton, and I know it will help. Thank you so much!!!
Hello Sonny – Thank you so much for letting Landon play with you in the Wichita tournament. He really enjoyed all the guys, Coach Pete and you! He specifically mentioned how much he appreciated the team aspect of things and that all the guys shared the ball and accepted him onto the team. That is a real credit to the kids but also to you and Coach Pete!! Thanks again!!!
-Tim Vermeer