Mission Statement

It is our hope and desire to provide a positive basketball environment and life experience.

Friendships and a family-like atmosphere surround the Shining Stars. A strong support system throughout the program is necessary for success, from the youngest players to the oldest, coaches, parents and family alike.

The foundation of Shining Stars is built on hard work, positive attitudes and TEAM basketball. A commitment to excellence empowers the individual growth of all our players, on and off the court. Character building, life lessons, family, and education are part of the values emphasized through the program.

TEAM play and fundamentals are of the utmost importance. We play in a highly competitive atmosphere and have a system that has proven successful at the National Level. Inspiration, Motivation, Perseverance and Persistence is a major part of our core belief. We have high expectations and high standards. We search for student-athletes with a passion for the game and the desire to become better basketball players, not players playing basketball.

By playing Shining Stars Basketball the opportunity to develop as a top level high school player and college athlete allows you to chase your dreams. You will feel the energy and enthusiasm, they are contagious. We are proud to be different and we are the fastest growing club organization in Colorado.