Special offer from Dr. Fleming for sports injuries

Offer to all Shining Stars families:
Dr. Tim Fleming is offering a free consultation to all Shining Stars basketball players and their families for any sports related injuries and other health problems. Common injuries such as ligament and cartilage tears of the knees, ankles, and shoulders that typically require surgery or takes months to heal with extensive therapy can be resolved in weeks with the work Dr. Fleming has developed. This includes ACL and PCL tears and sprains, meniscus and rotator cuff tears, and small bone fractures that are often be missed by conventional tests. Even though we are told by medicine that a torn ligament or piece of cartilage cannot mend and requires surgery, the results Dr. Fleming has had with his clients demonstrates otherwise. Dr. Fleming’s approach is non-invasive and easy to understand. And if he does not think he can help you, he will be straight forward in the consultation with no pressure.
Please feel free to take advantage of this offer for the option of a natural alternative to an injury or health problem that you, your son, or your daughter may have. He can be reached at 303-444-3833 or drtimfleming@yahoo.com.