Private and Partner Basketball Sessions

Private & Partner Basketball Sessions

Faster Player Development comes in a variety of ways, both physically and mentally.

High Five Sports / Coach Pete offers his expertise with session work outs.  One of the most experienced, successful coaches in Colorado.  Coach Pete taps into a player’s potential, enhances their game and builds self confidence.

28 years worth of coaching college, high school, club, youth and private lessons.  He works with over 200 different athletes from January through December.  Coach Pete also runs camps and clinics throughout the year and has helped many players advance to the college level.

Coach Pete has also added new coaches to his program offering different types of sessions.  Shea Scarlett, Sonny Scarlett, Tacuma Williams and Keigan Peterson.

For more information or to schedule a session call or text Coach Pete at 720-810-2166.

“Connecting Basketball and Life”

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